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PARTICLEVER, a subsidiary of the ALCEN Group, is a laboratory that specializes in measuring particles.

An internationally renowned expert, PARTICLEVER has helped its clients for years to measure complex particles like nanoparticles, nanomaterials, fibers, advanced materials, and complex mixtures like atmospheric pollution.

Its team, composed of engineers, doctors, and technicians, operates a laboratory that uses a new technology intended to measure particles in air that is simple to use, combining mass analyses and high-resolution electron microscopes. The company also remains heavily invested in research and development, and continues to develop new technological bricks with the CEA.

The company was created in 2011 to set up a research and development program with the CEA aimed at developing NANOBADGE, a new generation of air particle measurement devices, initially devoted to nanoparticles. 
PARTICLEVER started its service activities for businesses and laboratories in 2014.

PARTICLEVER is an expert member of the international ISO/TC229, European CEN/TC137 CEN TC352 and French AFNOR X43C and X457 technical standardization committees.

An expert in the measurement of exposure to nanoparticles, the company is an active participant in the AFNOR X43C “Assessment of exposure to chemical and biological agents in the workplace” standardization committee. It participated in the drawing up of the future European standard on nanoparticle exposure measurement within the European CEN / TC137 “Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents” standardization commission.

It is also a member of the “Nanotechnologies” standardization commissions at the French, European, and international levels.

It leads a French standardization project within the AFNOR X457 “Nanotechnologies" commission, relating to the conduct of nano risk management for proximity occupational hygienists, aimed at structuring the prevention approach in the field for non-specialists in nano issues. This subject was added to the program of the AFNOR X457 commission in 2017.

A name change in 2017

As the results of its first on-site measurement campaigns in 2014 made it possible to demonstrate the usefulness and quality of the data provided, the company decided to make its technology available to all French and international actors concerned by the subject in 2015. The company therefore acquired equipment fleet that can immediately be used on industrial sites and laboratories. The analyses are then carried out by PARTICLEVER technicians using machines of which the metrology and maintenance are provided in partnership with the Grenoble CEA nanosafety platform.

This technology, initially developed for nanoparticles, operates on a wide range of particles. As there is no longer any reason to focus solely on nanoparticles, and in preparation for its international launch, the company NANO INSPECT changed its name in 2017 to PARTICLEVER.


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