Confidentiality policy

PARTICLEVER continuously strives to guarantee the confidentiality of the information received from its clients or measured on their premises. In this field it benefits from the ALCEN Group’s expertise, as several group subsidiaries have historically worked on top secret defense subjects.

This begins with secure data access management, meaning that the data stored on a single secure server can only be accessed partially and on a need-to-know basis in line with the strict needs of each internal resource. Client names, for example, are coded and do not appear on quality documents that are internal to the laboratory. During analysis, the samples are only known by their internal traceability number without it being possible to connect them to the measured position and situation. The information related to the samples can be communicated  at a minimal level, in particular the positions can be maintained confidential by the customers if it turned out to be necessary.

The result communication procedures are especially strict and contractually defined from the commercial proposal phase.

The transfer security level for measurement reports and other deliverables is specifically studied with the client depending on the situation. PARTICLEVER uses a secure data transfer site of which the headquarters and servers are located in France. Encryption and addressee identification options are available if the client requires them.

In compliance with the French “Informatique et Libertés” Act (Data Privacy Act), PARTICLEVER undertakes to refrain from managing any personal data without the client’s explicit and contractual permission. In this matter, PARTICLEVER considers the cassette and sample numbers by default to be a single item of input data.

Finally, in the absence of specific client instructions, PARTICLEVER destroys the samples 2 months after the measurement reports have been issued and validated.


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