PARTICLEVER technologies help you understand particle emissions and verify operators’ exposure levels. They make it possible to conduct environmental measurements.

The problem of particle emissions during incineration is complex and manifold. First, combustion phenomena will generate a large number of particles from the degradation of the incinerated materials and from the furnaces themselves. In addition, the particles incorporated into the incinerated materials may themselves be released. It has particularly been demonstrated that nano-fillers incorporated into products could be released from their matrix during the incineration phase.

The other unique feature is that the chemical compositions may be highly varied and little-known. Certain substances may be occasionally present, which means that the period during which measurements are taken must be chosen.

PARTICLEVER technologies make it possible to work in complex environments with very little knowledge of the substances involved. Tracking exposures over long durations to take variability into account is a powerful asset for this industry.

Key questions

Mass analysis techniques via x-rays that PARTICLEVER uses are particularly well-suited for working on this great variety. PARTICLEVER uses two levels of mass analyses, the first one consists of detecting metals based on a provided list. Afterward, the most useful metals detected may have their mass quantified. Finally, those metals may then be observed under an electron microscope to identify a morphology risk.

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