Metal powders

PARTICLEVER measures particles emitted by metal powders, including titanium dioxide, amorphous silica, zinc oxide, alumina, calcium carbonate, and cerium oxide.
Alumina with coating
Particle Alumina with coating
Alumina with coating

Metal powders are used in a wide variety of industries, such as cosmetics (titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, etc.), tires, paints, ink, varnish, food, pharmaceuticals, plastics, 3-D printing (titanium alloys, aluminum, vanadium, etc.), construction and public works (silica, concrete additives, coatings, etc.), photocatalysis (titanium dioxide), ceramics, battery manufacturing, etc.

The dangers of these powders vary based on the type of metal and on the chemical composition, and potentially on their morphology (nano or fiber).

PARTICLEVER technology is unique at measuring both the quantity of material and the particular morphological properties needed for the risk analysis.

PARTICLEVER can detect and quantify the mass of all metals in the periodic table between aluminum and uranium, and observe the corresponding particles under an electron microscope.

It is important in a risk assessment related to metal powders to check if they contain nanoparticles. See in our Nanoparticles dossier “Risk assessment”.

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