Occupational hygienists

PARTICLEVER technologies enable you to to detect, measure, and understand emerging particle risks. They are simple and practical to use in the field, an ideal tool for spotting nanoparticles.
Occupational hygienists
Occupational hygienists

Particle risk is a chemical risk that many types of businesses face. When not dealing with mere dust or other well-understood pollutants, occupational hygienists and prevention engineers are often ill-equipped to help companies accurately assess the risk and put suitable strategies in place.

Thanks to PARTICLEVER’s technologies, occupational hygienists can access easy-to-use tools that meet high scientific standards in order to understand, detect, and measure particle risks. In particular, they make it possible to identify specific hazards (of chemical origin, as with metals, or morphological, as with nanoparticles or fibers).

“Ready-to-use” sampling cassettes make it possible to instantly set up an on-site detection approach. If there are any doubts about the risk’s identification or the exposure levels, a simple measurement that takes a few minutes may clear it up.

The PARTICLEVER sampler has a place in the toolbox of any professional risk prevention engineer who works on chemical risks.

Key questions

Many sources of information are already available to monitor the international state of the art, like the GESTIS database in Germany, which indicates the existing limit values in countries all over the world for a given substance.

With respect to nanoparticles or manufactured nanomaterials, a classification approach using control banding has been internationally standardized. This approach is broadly applicable to many other substances besides nanoparticles.  Limit values for manufactured nanomaterials have been emitted in certain countries like Germany, the United States, and Japan. 

See from our nanoparticles dossier: “Comparison to limit values”

A special partnership is offered to independent occupational hygienists in order to teach them about the technology and help them work on a particular issue. In France, as part of the “PST 3” on-the-job health plan, occupational hygienists can get assistance in detecting exposure to the major nanomaterials.

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