Construction, public works

PARTICLEVER technologies help you detect nanoparticles, understand exposures, and adapt safety strategies. They particularly make it possible to validate diesel particle exposure levels.
Construction, public works
Construction, public works

Construction is a sector that is heavily exposed to particles of very diverse origins, ranging from simple dust to nanoparticles emitted by engines to fibers (in particular asbestos).

Knowledge of particle types and their respective exposures is a major issue in protecting workers. That said, given how many types of particles there are, the approach must be specially structured, and targeted with respect to the different categories of particles (chemicals, unintentional particles, fibers, pollution from motors, etc.).

PARTICLEVER or one of its partners can help you structure this approach.

Key questions

Many situations may lead to exposure to manufactured nanomaterials (concrete additives, coating incorporating nanomaterials, etc.), but on closer examination, the exposure levels may vary greatly, and the hazard/quantity relationship must be taken into account when choosing what situations to measure.

As with any issue related to particles in air, unfavorable situations will exist as long as a heavily emissive source is located in an enclosed environment.  Machines in tunnels, demolition in enclosed spaces, and welding in small confined rooms are some examples of situations that should be measured first.

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