PARTICLEVER technologies enable you to generate knowledge about particle air pollutants and to identify sources and flows. The measurements are easy to take, and are done in a standalone manner.

A large number of associations exist to promote air quality. They may be general or local when there are special problems related to specific sites. When these associations' missions are to generate knowledge about the pollutants present in the air, PARTICLEVER technology may be particularly useful to them.

Because it is so easy to use, any member of the association can set up the PARTICLEVER Sampler and take samples. PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples afterward.
It is compact enough to fit anywhere, so it is possible to take measurements indoors or outdoors. The device may be positioned on its own, or inserted in a bag to take a personal measurement.

Key questions

No, PARTICLEVER technology is very simple to use. The Sampler has a single ON/OFF button. No special knowledge is required. All helpful information can be found in the “How does it work?" section. Depending on the situation you care about, the protocol to apply (type of measurement, positions, etc.) is given in the online quote tool and in the final proposal.

Naturally, you can contact us for any questions that you may have.

Measuring particules has never been so easy!


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PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples

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