You lease the equipment

Taking scientific air particle measurements has never been so easy!
PARTICLEVER sampler for particles and nanoparticles
PARTICLEVER sampler for particles and nanoparticles

You can do it yourself by leasing sampling equipment from PARTICLEVER. The types of equipment for lease are:

  • the Sampler, which sucks in air at a rate of 1 liter per minute;
  • the cassettes, which collect particles. They connect to the Sampler. One cassette corresponds to one sample, and one Sampler can hold one cassette at a time;
  • if need be, a real-time particle detection device.

The devices (Sampler or real-time detectors) only have a single ON/OFF button. It’s so easy!

The online quote feature tells you what protocol and quantity to lease based on your situation. You can confirm the order directly from the quote. We ship worldwide!

Key questions

PARTICLEVER technology was designed to work both with minute traces of matter and environments loaded with particles, so is not possible to get the sampling time wrong.

By default, any sampling from about 30 minutes to two hours will be suitable for any type of analysis.

If you wish to measure in operation whose duration is limited, it is recommended to sample it while it is being carried out and for an additional 15 minutes.

You can also measure for a full day, traditionally eight hours.

However, in such a case it is recommended for very dusty environments to contact us to confirm whether the desired analyses can be carried out under optimal conditions.

In any event, feel free to contact us before using if you have any doubts. 

In your finalized quote, you will be showed where to position the sampling points based on your goal. The positions are divided into four categories: As close as possible to the particle emission sources, of the operator, ambient (in the same room as the operator), and control (ambient taken before the studied situation or elsewhere).

Feel free to contact us before using if you have any doubts.

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