PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples

PARTICLEVER will analyze the particles contained in the cassettes by their mass and under a high-resolution electron microscope in accordance with your needs.
PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples
PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples

Analysis strategies that combine mass and electron microscope make PARTICLEVER a one-of-a-kind technology perfectly suited for analyzing complex and little-known particles (e.g. nanos, fibers, etc.).

The results will make it possible to interpret the situation based on the international state-of-the-art regarding exposure limits.

The analysis prices include help interpreting in order to assess the situation. Do the particles pose a specific danger? Are the exposure levels acceptable? Does the situation require an action plan? If so, how big?

PARTICLEVER technology is a simple, practical, powerful tool for particle risk prevention.

Key questions

Combined with basic metrics for measuring air pollutants, namely mass concentration or concentration by number of fibers, the morphological nature (nanoparticle nature, fibers, state of aggregation and agglomeration, etc.) may substantially alter the perceived level of danger.

As a result, it is particularly useful to combine information about mass and chemical composition with morphological information obtained from the electron microscope. This is essential when analyzing nanoparticles or nanomaterials.

In the case of fibers, information about particle count concentration alone may prove insufficient, as nanometric sizes and forms of agglomeration (within the same substance or in combination with others) are factors that may completely alter the perceived risk.

The protocol indicated in your quote will tell you what situations require the high-resolution electron microscope.

As the variety and complexity of chemical agents continues to increase, it is increasingly difficult to work with exact knowledge of the exposure thresholds to abide by for a given substance. This issue is particularly crucial with respect to nanoparticles in nanomaterials, where the number of parameters that affect their toxicity is even greater.

This has led PARTICLEVER to work in partnership with players in the field like occupational hygienists in order to develop detection and exposure measurement protocols that seek out the right information needed for interpretation.

PARTICLEVER combines data that exists internationally about known chemical exposure limit values with the latest publications by leading institutions on nanoparticles, nanomaterials, and other emerging particle risks.

Industrial constraints, social and cultural status, and psychological impacts are also important factors to take into account in order to help companies interpret the data.

Finally, feedback drawn from hundreds of situations already measured since the company's launch gives PARTICLEVER knowledge of existing situations and best practices, at the laboratory or industrial scale.

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PARTICLEVER analyzes the samples

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