CEA partnership

PARTICLEVER, a partner of the CEA's nanosafety platform


The CEA (French commissariat for atomic and alternative energy) is a public research body of which the mission is to develop technology and transfer it to industry in a wide range of applications (nuclear energy, biotechnology, environmental protection, microelectronics, optoelectronics, nanotechnology, etc.). It has a portfolio of approximately 550 patents (over 100 new patents per year).


The LITEN (French innovation laboratory for new energy and nanomaterial technology) is a technological research institute which is part of the CEA and is recognized in the field of renewable energy and nanomaterials. The LITEN is therefore an applied research center whose purpose is to develop and transfer technology to its industrial partners. The LITEN employs 750 people (doctors, engineers and technicians) and has an annual budget of €120M.

The nanosafety platform

The CEA has developed a large number of technology platforms, including the Nanosafety Platform (NSP). The purpose of this platform is to give a global answer to the issues generated by the use of nanoparticles in manufactured products, but also issues relative to the exposure of workers and users. The NSP, and more especially the LR2N (Nanosafety and Nano-characterization Research Laboratory) has recognized expertise in the measurement and detection of nanoparticles in complex environments and at workstations (worker exposure), but also in R&D activities covering the full nanoparticle life cycle (personal protection equipment tests, personal monitoring, ageing and release, release to the environment and end of life - incineration). 

The LR2N laboratory coordinated the EU-FP7 NANOHOUSE project and is currently the coordinator of the EQUIPEX NANOID project. The LR2N is in charge of tasks on several French and European projects such as EU-FP7-SCAFFOLD, EU-FP7 GUIDENANO and LABEX SERENADE. The CEA/NSP also organizes the international NANOSAFE conference.

CEA/NSP - PARTICLEVER collaboration

The CEA’s Nanosafety platform in collaboration with the ALCEN Group has been developing the PARTICLEVER concept for several years with the objective of making the measurement of exposure to complex nanoparticles (nanoparticles, fibers, etc.) available and simple.


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